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Want an autographed copy of the book? I'll be happy to sign one, include a short message if you like, and send it your way!

Total cost including book, packing, and shipping in the United States is $25.00 payable via PayPal.

The cost is based on:

$20.39 - cost.
$1.00 - Paypal fee (they charge me)

$1.84 - US Post office media mail cost.
$1.50 - Padded envelope.
$24.73, rounded to $25 to cover miscellaneous.

If you're in another country and want an autographed copy, ask and I'll dig up the price.

I ship books once per week, usually on a Friday. Media mail via the US Post Office can take several days to arrive, so if you're looking to get the book quick a visit to your local Barnes and Noble is a better bet.

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